Trenchcoat Wins

Trenchcoat Wins



Yes, I completely made a Mary-Kate and Ashley pun. I don’t know a single female around my age that didn’t choose one of the two to “be” while growing up. Now, I can finally channel my inner Olsen twin (without spending my childhood in family sitcoms or pretending to solve borderline dangerous mysteries for a 9-year old). Something that shouldn’t be a mystery is putting together this outfit which is essentially just three pieces: A plain white button-down shirt, Grid shorts (similar) and Topshop Trenchcoat to make this color palette a little Tanner. OH GOD, ANOTHER PUN.

MeganBsignature[   also wearing Nike slip-ons + Black Bralette   ]

Trench3 Trench1 Trench5 Trench6 Trench4    

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  • Mimi February 24, 2016 9:23 am

    I’m absolutely in love with your trenchcoat! Well I love the entire outfit in general 🙂


  • Kiersten February 25, 2016 12:05 pm

    LOVE trenchcoats! And those shorts are wonderful!


  • M + K February 25, 2016 10:02 pm

    We absolutely love the way you combined staple wardrobe pieces to create a chic, fashion week worthy outfit!

    p.s. loved the new video with Nikki!

  • Faudia Aliya M. March 1, 2016 8:02 pm

    I love a good trench coat, and I love how each of these outfits can be casual, and dressy. I love everything about this blog. Hope to see more soon!

  • Isabella Endaya March 5, 2016 5:54 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Looking good Megan x

  • Ally July 6, 2016 4:30 pm

    Megan, where did you get the pearl pendant necklace from?!

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