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Here & WEAR August 23, 2017 1 Comments
Flowers are a weird concept because nearly everyone loves to receive them but they’re the least long-living “gift” you can get. Aside from goldfish (but if anyone gets you a goldfish to prove their love to you, tell them you’ll date them in 10 years when you both aren’t in kindergarten), they essentially only represent love for upwards of two…

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Two is Better than One

Here & WEAR April 7, 2016 4 Comments
  You’re all set. I don’t know why I like suede so much. Maybe because it looks like I’m wearing a really comfortable couch cover that would make all animals flock to sleep on me? That’s probably it. I found an all neutral suede two-piece that I made a suede three-piece with matching pumps.┬áThis THEPERFEXT set isn’t available anymore, but…

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