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Here & WEAR May 31, 2017 0 Comments

When people think of summertime, they think bright, flowey florals- and for good reason; The sun is hot, you don’t want tight fabric sticking to you and suffocating your carefree quality of a summer wardrobe. What people DIDN’T think about, is that you can still make darker colors summery. How? Just wear them in the summer. [ Olive Green baseball cap…

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Here & WEAR April 5, 2017 1 Comments

How do you wear heels without looking too try-hard in the summertime? Easy. Wear a low inch, chunky heel in the midst of a sand dune to be sure you get grains to cover every inch of the shoe’s perimeter that acts as a thin sheet of grit separating your foot which shows how down to earth you really are.…

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Here & WEAR January 20, 2017 1 Comments

You know what’s so trendy right now in graphic tees? Distressed shirts with classic rock bands logos on them. As cute as they are, I feel weird about wearing something across my chest where I can’t name three of their songs. That’s why an oversized throwback Drake shirt which is actually a men’s XL is perfect for me. Oh, name…

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Here & WEAR December 6, 2016 0 Comments

I love sweaters. You love sweaters. Sweaters have been around since the 1700s, Which is a fact I recently learned when I made it up just now. Still, maybe it’s time for an upgrade? Why not have the comfort of a sweater with the convenience of your limbs?  Do you remember your arms? They’re those things that we always hide…

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Gold Pop

Here & WEAR October 20, 2016 3 Comments

I used to wear wild patterns, my hair was three different colors at one time, I needed to be heard. Now as an almost-minimalist, I enjoy the unembellished-but-still-somehow-bold feel. This outfit is a blank canvas, with the Roshe One’s pop of metallic gold stealing the show. This is in my top two favorite Nike shoes because they’re comfortable and versatile.…

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Stripe Beach

Here & WEAR October 4, 2016 0 Comments

Who says you need summer for the beach? Or shoes to walk? Finally the temperature is getting into the “acceptable for fall” category, but the beaches have never been prettier. They aren’t crowded AND you get to keep your clothes on and not sweat like a punctured hose. That’s a win win for me, and for the dozen of donuts…

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I’m With the Bandana

Here & WEAR August 25, 2016 1 Comments

Painter overalls aren’t just for home improvement workers anymore. I mean, they still are for them but they are also for us- the people. Honestly, I don’t understand why they wear white when they’re painting houses and obviously going to spill some because nobody’s perfect. But I digress. This isn’t about painters. It’s about how easy it is to wear white…

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Dress Down

Here & WEAR June 19, 2016 2 Comments

Most days I have to leave the house, I have a conversation with myself. This has already started off in a “you might need help” tone, but if I’m helping myself by talking to me, is that still alarming? Probably yes. Regardless, I have a quick thought process to decide on the most minimal amount of “real clothes” I can…

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Florida Girl

Here & WEAR June 9, 2016 1 Comments

You don’t have to go to the college to wear their apparel. But it does help that both my dad and sister graduated from it. I’ve kept this collegiate tank for years and never really wore it as an outfit, but get this- you can pair old tanks and tees with a few things to repurpose them! Don’t throw or give…

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Athleisure 101

Here & WEAR April 13, 2016 3 Comments

I really couldn’t be happier that being half-ready for the day and half-ready for a workout that I’d probably never get to is in style right now. The copious amounts of running leggings and sneakers in my closet are finally getting some vitamin D from seeing the actual sun and not fluorescent lights of a gym, or more regularly- no…

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