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Make Your Winehouse a Winehome

Here & WEAR November 7, 2017 2 Comments
Lately, I’ve been into having my style skew ‘care free’ and ‘lazy.’ It’s kind of a rebellious way of dressing, mostly in part to foregoing pants because the thought of wearing tight, restricting jeans is something I will not waste my time on. In a way, I’m channelling one of Winehouse’s classics by saying, ‘no, no, no’ to trying with…

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Here & WEAR April 12, 2017 1 Comments
Who says you can’t layer up in the summertime? No one. Who says you shouldn’t because no person in their right mind would wear even one long sleeve in 80 degree weather? Mostly everybody, but honestly no one asked. [ Urban Outfitters black dad cap (similar here) ] [ American Eagle men’s denim jacket (similar here) + Michael’s iron-on letter…

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Here & WEAR February 22, 2017 0 Comments
Ever wonder how you can really make your outfit your own? Well, for starters, you could literally brand your initials on your clothing. I wasn’t sure what font to use, so I had to really calligrapheel it out, you know? This oversized jacket is paired with a leather skirt. What’s that? Usually, people wear denim bottoms and leather tops, not…

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Urban Chill

Here & WEAR November 25, 2016 0 Comments
If you want to look urban, you’ve come to the right place. High-tops, leggings, and an oversized denim jacket are the perfect combo for when you’re worried you might just end up in a freestyle battle. And if you fail at the freestyle battle? I’ve got you covered. Just pull this grey beanie over your face and walk away like…

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Dress Down

Here & WEAR June 19, 2016 2 Comments
Most days I have to leave the house, I have a conversation with myself. This has already started off in a “you might need help” tone, but if I’m helping myself by talking to me, is that still alarming? Probably yes. Regardless, I have a quick thought process to decide on the most minimal amount of “real clothes” I can…

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Swimsuit Casual

Here & WEAR June 14, 2016 6 Comments
Whoa. Is that a bathing suit top? Why yes, yes it is. If there are rules to fashion, then I’m most likely breaking them. Do I care? Why no, no I don’t. [ Madewell Denim Jacket ] [ Black Bag (similar from Abercrombie / Nordstrom Rack) ] [ Palm Tree Bathing Suit Top (similar from ASOS / Forever 21) ] […

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