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Here & WEAR July 5, 2017 1 Comments
Listen, I got a think for neckerchiefs. I used to think they were just for boy scouts or that plump young fellow in the movie, “Up” which now that I think about it, is indeed a boy scout. Hmm. Turns out you don’t have to be boy NOR a scout to wear fabric tied ’round your neck with any outfit…

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Sunny and Simple

Here & WEAR February 8, 2017 1 Comments
Some days you wake up and feel like getting ready as if you were going to be in a beauty pageant with frying your hair into perfectly placed coils and bending your eyelashes into a curve to look more flirty. And some days you are lower maintenance than a single’s cat club decorated with succulents (two things that are universally independent).…

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I’m With the Bandana

Here & WEAR August 25, 2016 1 Comments
Painter overalls aren’t just for home improvement workers anymore. I mean, they still are for them but they are also for us- the people. Honestly, I don’t understand why they wear white when they’re painting houses and obviously going to spill some because nobody’s perfect. But I digress. This isn’t about painters. It’s about how easy it is to wear white…

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