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Fashionably Late

Here & WEAR May 12, 2016 3 Comments
  Most days, I feel like cancelling all my plans. But I always feel way too bad to ever actually flake or even worse, admit to it. Thankfully, now my clothes can tell my emotions. Instead of wearing what I feel on my sleeve, I’ll wear it on my chest and back. Now I just have to get a bunch of…

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Bomber Dot Com

Here & WEAR April 5, 2016 6 Comments
One of my newest favorite jackets to throw over most casual outfits is this Diamond Supply Co. bomber jacket (that I can’t find online) 🙁 BUT I STILL GOTCHU. Here are my top picks of similar jackets because I care about your fashion well-being: [  Forever 21  ] [  H&M  ] [  TopShop  ] [  Nordstrom  ] Also one of my favorite accessorize…

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