When people think of summertime, they think bright, flowey florals- and for good reason; The sun is hot, you don’t want tight fabric sticking to you and suffocating your carefree quality of a summer wardrobe. What people DIDN’T think about, is that you can still make darker colors summery. How? Just wear them in the summer.

[ Olive Green baseball cap (similar here) ]

[ Forever 21 Grey Bodysuit (similar here) ]

[ Urban Outfitters Belt ]

[ Forever 21 Dark Denim High Waisted Shorts ]

[ Steve Madden Boots (similar here)  ]

[ Madewell Circular Leather Purse ]

[   wearing accessories : Forever 21 studded choker + Round Sunglasses + gold bangle (similar here)  + silver bangle (similar here) + silver rings   ]

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