Slivers of Silver

Slivers of Silver

I’ve learned a trick.

A trick to edge up any plain outfit that would normally be considered “boring” or “basic”. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with basic things. I mean toothpaste, hand soap and baking soda are all over 7 on the pH scale, and society LOVES it. The trick is to add a few simple accessories that are evenly distributed. It’s like decorating a Christmas tree and evenly spacing out all of the ornaments, then stringing through lights to highlight the calculated job you’ve done. Here are a few accessories I used to spice up this pretty standard outfit:

[    Urban Outfitters Belt   ]

[   Madewell Bracelet (similar)   ]

[   choker necklace (similar)   ]


[   also wearing Madewell Shirt (similar) + TopShop Jamie Jeans + Zara Cut-out Boots (similar)   ]






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