Sometimes we need to be told to slow down. Life comes at us quickly and perpetually, and we’re capturing it all to put on the internet. Listen, I LOVE the internet. But I’ve been loving taking small breaks here and there to regain some balance. They say balance is good, but what if you’re balancing food poisoning and the flu at the same time? That seems like a bad balance. Anywho, I implore you to take a few breaths away from technology to get off the grid for a bit, and if you absolutely can’t part with refreshing your Instagram feed, some gridded shorts will do.

[ Forever 21 faux suede biker jacket (similar here and here ]

[ Forever 21 lace bodysuit ]

[ Grid drawstring shorts (similar here and here) ]

[ Black suede purse (similar here) ]

[ Cut Out booties (similar here and here) ]

[   wearing accessories : white rim sunglasses (similar here) + gem necklace (similar here) + silver rings (silver rings)   ]

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  • AC Chen May 8, 2017 11:38 am


    BTS Ride With Me by chance?

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