March Favorites ’17

March Favorites ’17

March was filled with cleaning up and adopting new tastes. Here are my top picks from this month:

[ Hanes Men’s Full Zip Up Sweatshirt ]

Now I don’t have to “accidentally forget to take it off” because now it’s mine. And I purposefully won’t take it off.

[ Lansinoh Lanolin Salve as lip balm ]

Hey, you’ve read how many different uses a lemon has, but have you heard about nipple cream’s versatility?

[ Goo Gone ]

Gum? Oil? Grease? Sticker residue from ripping pricetags off of your spontaneous purchases? THIS TAKES CARE OF IT ALL. All of the evidence.

[ Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser in Neutralizer ]

Imagine a little photoshop sponge that makes you look like you actually slept through the party happening at your upstairs neighbor’s house.

[ Black + Decker Electric Citrus Juicer ]

For all you inner Florida girls. I use an extra strainer to get the pulp far, far, far, far, far, far away.

[ Lucky Charms + Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Treat ]

You haven’t taken full advantage of your taste buds until you’ve tried this.

If you want to see why I like all of these products, I ramble on and on about the pros of each of them in this video:

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  • Anitza Y. Gonzalez May 2, 2017 10:45 am

    Could you please do a video of all the books that you love/recommend ! Cause I know you’ve got a lot of books that you’ve read and are reading because of all of your social media outlets but if there was a video I could go back to the video and check them out !

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