Major Blazer

Major Blazer

There are many types of ripped jeans. Today, I’m going with these ripped high-waisted jeans, which are perfect for eating ice cream if you happen to be clumsy. And eating anything- they’re high-waisted. What do you mean I’ve spilled a drop of mint chocolate chip on my knee? I’m just going to ignore you and keep eating this, thank you very much. Life can throw all sorts of things your way: heartbreak, stress, and even frozen globs of sugar. Minimize stress by minimizing the fabric that pesky ice cream can ruin with holes in your pants and a sleeveless blazer. This outfit will improve your life almost as much as ice cream.


[ Target Sleeveless Blazer ]

[ Black v Neck Ribbed Tank (similar here and here) ]

[ Topshop Jamie Jeans ]

[ Urban Outfitters western belt ]

[ Maroon Peep toe Booties (similar here and here) ]


[   wearing accessories : silver Mantraband bracelet + silver rings   ]





meganbatoon_ems7894-edit meganbatoon_ems7793-edit

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