Duster Day

Duster Day

I’m a big fan of duster coats. Like, industrial level fan. The ones that can cool an entire warehouse with just one rotation of their blades. Okay, maybe I’ve sold it too far, and also I don’t think a fan like that exists. This particular duster coat is made of cotton so it’s much more than  outerwear, it’s a misleading illusion. People could think you’re professional, mature, and fashionable without you even having to be any of those things NOR uncomfortable.


[ Forever 21 Grey Cotton Duster Coat (similar here and here) ]

[ H&M Black Top ]

[ Parker Smith High Waisted Jeans (similar here) ]

[ Steve Madden Suede Slip On Sneakers ]

[ Urban Outfitters Suede Crossbody Bag (similar here and here) ]


[   wearing accessories : free people ring set (similar here)  ]

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