Classic White

Classic White

The idea of ‘Casual Friday’ is undoubtedly one of the best I’ve heard in my whole experience on this Earth. Let’s face it- no one wants to be out of bed, and if they do for some reason, they definitely don’t want to TRY to look presentable. (Side note: everyone has a different perception of what ‘presentable’ is, but that’s for another time). My favorite outfits are ones that seem like they are no brainers. And that’s because they are.


[ Tied up Washed White Tee (similar here) ]

[ Parker Smith High Rise Crop Jeans in Eastern Sky ]

[ Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top ]

[ Congac Bag (similar here and here) ]


[   wearing accessories : silver bangle (similar here)   ]

meganbatoon_ems2806-edit meganbatoon_ems2725-edit meganbatoon_ems2758-edit meganbatoon_ems2753-edit meganbatoon_ems2697-edit  

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